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PVC Roof Projects

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PVC roofing is made from two layers of PVC roof material with polyester added in between the layers to act as a reinforcement. The layers in a PVC roof include additives to make the material flexible, UV stable, and to prevent curling. By adding a layer of acrylic coating to roof membrane, a PVC roof is made reflective and repellent to dust and dirt. If you have a flat roof or low-sloped roof, PVC is the perfect roofing application.

Elevated Roofing is a specialist in installing PVC single-ply roofing membranes. The PVC roofing system is fire retardant, chemical and grease resistant, can stand up against high winds and punctures, and easily accommodates extreme temperature change. PVC resists ponding water and prevents roofing problems before they happen. These roofs are virtually maintenance free.

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