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Roof Coating Projects

Roof coatings are sprayed on membranes that can serve as a roof surface and can extend the life of your current roof. They are extremely environmentally friendly as there is no tear off required – so no roof to dispose of – saving the landfills. We use GAF coatings, and one of the reasons is for their energy efficiency ratings being Energy Star, LEED and Cool Roof Rating Council approved.

Coatings have gotten a bad rap in the past as some roofers use them for repairs and don’t do any of the prep work–which means they won’t last long. Same with a new roof, unless the roof surface is prepped correctly, the seams properly sealed – AND ALL LEAKS FIXED BEFORE COATING BEGINS – then coatings are a great option for life extension and energy efficiency.

Elevated Roofing is a Master Premium Coatings Contractor with GAF. We ensure coatings are done right.

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